Welcome to a jumbo-sized edition of Ask A Clear Lens Anything! On this episode, Nate and Logan answered these questions:

  1. If Leviticus 19:28 says tattoos are prohibited, why are Christians getting them now? (6:03)
  2. Who created God? (13:29)
  3. Why isn’t Jonah 1:10-17 considered murder? Would these men be considered murderers today? (18:48)
  4. Why do Christians have to go to church? (25:20)
  5. How should I respond when someone I’m engaging gives me a long, rambling, and confusing argument? (34:14)
  6. If God is absolute truth, why does He let so many Christians disagree about doctrine? (44:05)
  7. When can sin not be a sin? For example, if you were hiding Jews in World War 2, the Nazis knocked on your door, and you lied to them, is God okay with you lying in that circumstance? (53:11)
  8. I’ve been engaging a Mormon for Christ, showing that Joseph Smith was not a true prophet and talking about the sufficiency of Christ. But he keeps saying “I prayed and it just feels true.” Even when I tell him I’m a Christian because of the evidence, he thinks that’s not a good reason. Where should I go to get some traction? (1:04:31)

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