On this special episode, Logan Judy joins Nate in studio to answer these questions:

– In Hebrews 6:9-12, what is the promise of God (that people can put their hope in)? (4:05)
– How should I get apologetics started at my local church? (12:10)
– How do I share the Gospel with someone who says, “I don’t care about God!”? (23:16)

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Speaker, Educator, President of A Clear Lens, Inc. and host of A Clear Lens Podcast. B.Sc., M.Ed. Lives in Las Vegas with his wife, two sons, and dogs.


  1. I really appreciated the last discussion of witnessing to someone who doesn’t care about God and specifically with the house analogy and spending time questioning about their house.
    I have a coworker who’s a Buddhist/New Age type who is constantly living contradictory to what he tells me he believes and this analogy will help me take him into that with questions.
    Your Brother in Christ,

    • Thanks Michael! Glad it benefited you. We’ll pray for your interactions with your co-worker. Maybe you can let us know how it goes?

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