On this episode:

Nate talks about whom to spend time with and whom not to when discipling and engaging others for Christ (:28)
Nate welcomes Gene (9:28)
Nate and Gene announce the first winner of our book giveaway: The Updated Evidence That Demands a Verdict (10:55)
Gene discusses the worldview of Noah Primeval by Brian Godawa (14:07)
What Does the Bible Say About Suicide? (21:11)

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Ep. 121: What Does the Bible Say About Suicide?

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  1. Ouch, I’m kind of surprised that you guys could talk so much about suicide and not once mention metal illness. According to several sources https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2018/11/29/18118601/suicide-rate-highest-decades-life-expectancy suicide is on the rise in the United States and most professionals look at this increase as a mental health issue. Having been close to those who have commited suicide I found your discussion of it not very helpful and more concerned with trying to find something to “Blame” for suicide rather than trying to understand what can motivate someone into thinking that this is there only option. just my thoughts,

    • Hi “tophergraceless” thanks for reaching out and the opportunity to clarify! I set the tone of the segment by talking about the secular culture’s attitude towards the value of human life and, thus, suicide. So, going in, Gene and I were contrasting the secular culture’s view of suicide with the biblically Christian view. “Trying to understand what can motivate suicide” was not part of the segment, although we did mention mental illness on 3 separate occasions; more specifically that it belongs in a category separate from our discussion.

      I’d be interested in discussing the various angles on suicide that you had hoped to hear in a later episode, though! It certainly does deserve more thought and fruitful discussion.

      Thanks again for your commments,

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