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Nate warns Christians to watch their language (:30)
Nate explains how to get a free copy of our brand new ebook: Make Christ Clear (10:25)
Always Be Ready with Dr. Hugh Ross (11:17)

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Ep. 110: Always Be Ready with Dr. Hugh Ross

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  1. Seriously don’t think Hugh Ross is a person to guide people to for their sound theology since he denies the Scriptural accounts of creation and the flood.
    Jesus clearly taught of them as real events, real people, real timelines and the scientific evidence also supports the Genesis account.
    Remember; the science, data, evidence is all the same for the Creationist and the Secularist. The difference in the analysis is the world view it’s filtered through. You must then decide which narrative the evidence (science and data) supports.

  2. Hi Nate, Here are three key items of his beliefs of which he has much more detail to fill in.
    Dr. Ross advocates the “day age” idea that God started with a cosmic egg that He exploded and allowed to form into the cosmos over billions of years; basically embracing big bang and inserting God who allows things to take their natural course after He gives a little direction here and there.
    He believes that man existed as soulless hominids before God breathed His Spirit into two of them who were Adam and Eve. As such, death and suffering didn’t enter the world because of man’s sin, it existed for millions of years before God
    Finally, he does not believe that Noah’s flood was global. He states that he believes it was universal but not global and explains that “nephesh (soulish) animals associated with humans were wiped out” leaving only real humans behind of whom Noah and his family were some and were kept alive by being on the ark; other real humans survived by other means.

    Hope this helps explain my original post. Dr. Ross most certainly has no clear lens through which he views the world, it is quite dark and materialistic.

    Your Brother in Christ,

    • Thanks for the further clarification, Michael. I’m tracking what you’re saying so far but this particular thing you said, I am not familiar with: “He believes that man existed as soulless hominids before God breathed His Spirit into two of them who were Adam and Eve.” Can you give me a quote or a link that I can take a look at?

  3. Here’s some reference materials off of his website.
    I do need to clarify that my use of the word “soulless” is in place of his use of “soulish” which he defignes as a creature having attributes as someone with a soul but not. He said he gets it from the Hebrew nephesh and you’ll find it used often when he speaks of animals and “hominids” like Neanderthal whom he doesn’t consider human but nephesh (soulish).
    He considers them as wiped out in the flood which also puzzles me since if they were just “human like” animals shouldn’t they have had representatives on the ark?

    Does the Bible Say Noah’s Flood Was Global or Universal?

    Of Hominids and Humans

    Were Humans Specially Created, or Did They Evolve from a Hominid?

    • Thanks for these links, Michael. I should say that, before we have guests on the show, we like to familiarize ourselves with them. I went through all these links but couldn’t find the point where Ross claims that human beings were hominids before God breathed into them to make Adam and Eve. The reason why I’m trying to find that specifically is because, if he made that particular claim, I’d definitely be troubled.

      In terms of reading Genesis for the creation and flood accounts, I don’t see how Ross is denying Scripture. As a matter of fact, using Scripture to support his interpretation. That is, a lot of his view trades on the proper understanding of Hebrew words like “yom,” “eres,” and “haraba.”

      I understand if you disagree with Ross’ view but I hope you’ll understand that I can’t join you in your take on him personally.

      Thanks again for reaching out, Michael.

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