On our latest Worldview Analysis segment of A Clear Lens Podcast, Gene Gosewehr discusses with Nate Sala the worldview implications of Miley Cyrus' recent comments. Don't forget to peruse our brand new look at the ACL website (www.clearlens.org) and sign...
"Erotica represents everything that is wrong with our culture when it comes to our attitudes toward women."
Some thoughts on the Joker as a representation of Nihilism as well as what follows from that worldview.
“Look at this sex-obsessed culture.” Christians say something like this all of the time.  They look at films, books, TV shows, and news stories and they see an overflowing of sexuality that reigns free and open. In some cases, it’s not...
From divisive political rhetoric to human rights violations to sexual abuse, a great many of humanity’s evils can be traced back to a failure to recognize the imago dei, or the image of God, and by extension, the God-given...
"I think that the most disturbing thing out of all of this is that the majority of people that seem to be excited about this movie are women."
On this episode: Nate talks about proper perspective and playing the long game (:18) Nate welcomes Gene and Logan (9:18) Important plugs (10:23) Game Time: Fact or Fib (10:58) How Should Christians Understand UFOs and Alien Abductions? (20:26) Sign up for our unique newsletter that...
On this episode, Nate and the team discuss the effects of a cultural bubble on Christian youth, missionaries, as well as the Church.
On this episode, the team discussed how to think through the ethics, effects, and legislation of marijuana from a Christian perspective.
"You cannot hold the view that's it's absolutely true that there is no objective truth."

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