On this episode, Nate and the team discuss the effects of a cultural bubble on Christian youth, missionaries, as well as the Church.
On this episode, Nate and the team discuss how movies like "The Matrix", "The Exorcism of Emily Rose", and "Calvary" reflect the Christian worldview.
On this episode, Nate and the team chat with Dr. Fuz Rana about how to think about transhumanism from a Christian perspective.
On this episode, the team discussed how to think through the ethics, effects, and legislation of marijuana from a Christian perspective.
Nate talks about the fact that concepts create idols and the team discusses the culture's view of love and tolerance and how to talk about it as a Christian.
Nate points out that "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" reveals how atheists would react if God appeared in front of them.
https://youtu.be/04WXlAcOtS0 Friends, Alex Aili reviewed the film and the word is -- this movie is worth the view! Now is your chance to win free tickets to the see the film on...
God's wisdom can be portrayed as foolish but can God's love be portrayed as reckless?
On this episode: Nate share some big ideas from his talk on how Jesus mapped His destination (:29) Nate welcomes Gene (10:27) The team shares some crazy Christmas stories (14:07) Let's Discuss That Interview with John Macarthur and Ben Shapiro (20:21) Don't forget to...
On this episode: Nate gives some practical tips to being intentional Christian communicators (:28) Nate welcomes Gene, Logan, and Brian Godawa (11:38) The team plays a round of "Name that (Bible) Story" (13:41) Why Everyone Should See the Gosnell Movie with Brian Godawa...

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Tips for Conversational Apologetics from Michael Ramsden

“Unfortunately…apologetics has come to be defined in such a way that to most people it means little more than engaging in abstract philosophical arguments,...