So many fun goodies in this classic jumbo episode (originally aired 12/20/16)!

Brock Sleighs Christmas (Skit) (:01)
Nate welcomes Gene and Logan (3:22)
ACL Christmas Special (Skit) (9:25)
Q&A: Does Exodus 21 not think miscarriages are important? (19:26)
Game Time: Name that Christmas Song (26:37)
Topic 1: Should Christians help every panhandler on the street? (44:08)
Topic 2: What constitutes grounds for leaving a church? (1:08:34)*Extra: Nate & son singing Jingle Bells (1:34:16)

Helpful articles discussed on the show:

“Give to Street People in Christianity Today”

“Should You Give Money to Homeless People?”

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, friends! Nate and the team will return soon…

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