Merry Christmas and welcome to our 2 year anniversary episode!

On today’s show (12.19.15), Nate, Gene, and Logan check out the new movie trailer for “Brock Sleighs Christmas” and laugh their way through the ACL Christmas Special with the ACL alum.

They also answer a question from @SoulGalactic on the word “miscarriage” in the Exodus 21 and play a fun game trying to guess which Christmas song Nate’s 4 year old son, Sammy, is singing. The fellas also get down to business and discuss two topics:

1. Should a Christian help every panhandler on the street?
2. What constitutes grounds for leaving a local church?

Helpful articles discussed on the show:

“Give to Street People in Christianity Today”

“Should You Give Money to Homeless People?”

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Ep. 52: Christmas Episode 2016 a.k.a. “Brock Sleighs Christmas”

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*All the excellent music for our skits and intro is by
*Sound effects by Mike Koenig
*’Jingle Bells’ guitar and singing by Nate and Sammy Sala

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