I’m very pleased to announce that A Clear Lens is expanding. Gene Gosewehr from Let There Be Movies has joined the team as a Guest Writer! Gene’s affable writing style is matched only by his desire to get reality correct. His attentiveness reminds us all to be careful thinkers as we work through our particular beliefs and overall worldview.

Gene heads the team over at Let There Be Movies where I have become a recent Guest Writer. The team at LTBM reviews movies from a Christian perspective. They also write interpretive criticisms (called rants), top lists, and conduct moral dilemma dialogues (MDD). The site deserves a view just for some of the MDD’s alone!

Gene’s careful thinking fits in with A Clear Lens’ purpose: to arrive at a good understanding of reality by attempting to use clear worldview lenses. Together, he and I will strive to give everyone (both believer and non-believer alike) something to think about.

Check out his first post entitled The Cursing Christian and return soon for more from Gene!

A Clear Lens is looking to expand its team even further. If you are a Christian passionate about worldview as well as clear and careful thinking, we are interested in you! Fill out the form below and tell us about yourself!

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