Three simple prayer methods that require only three things: a Bible, a willing heart, and time.
Three reasons why Christians are reasonable to believe in the afterlife.

Hosea Say What?

Written by Kevin DeYoung and originally published by The Gospel Coalition on December 4, 2014.
Dr. Paul Copan explains why Old Testament servants should not be viewed as equivalent to antebellum slaves.
Following Jesus' example of pointing to miracles, presenting arguments and calling upon witnesses to make a case for Christianity.
I’m a little ashamed to admit it, but I love Ancient Aliens, the show presenting the theory that humanity was visited in the past by aliens, who in turn shaped the world that we know today. It’s...
All the chewy goodness of proper hermeneutics in new fun-sized bites!
British actress Miranda Hart once said, "Life is a series of embarrassing moments which leave you feeling alone in your confusion and shame." Oftentimes, our embarrassing moments make us so ashamed that we tend to hide our feelings from the...
A collegiate discussion on the varying interpretations of "yom" in Genesis 1.
You can raise objections against the Bible, but make sure you have done your homework first to understand the genre and context.

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