Jesus was referred to in Isaiah 53 as having no beauty or majesty, of low esteem and despised. It is the moments in life when we are not certain tomorrow will ever come that true character is revealed. Is Jesus worth celebrating?
Originally published at Let There Be Movies.
By The Lutheran Satire
Far too often, most of us get swept up in the activities and news of the day that it's easy to become cynical. Through our television sets we're bombarded by pundits who do little more than yell at one...
Responding to the claim that 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, and Titus are forgeries by looking at the use of secretaries (amanuenses) in the ancient world.
Pastor John Piper provides some clarity and words of encouragement on Hebrews 12:1-2.
A common fallacy in semantics.
We're often told that we came to possess the New Testament after an elaborate "game of telephone." Which is to say, the information in the books is unreliable. The reason for my own agnosticism as a teenager was due,...
Digging into the context of the Bible is like rubbing a dirty window to look outside. Mystery is inevitable.
Occasionally, I come across the assertion by some that the Bible portrays "two Gods." The God of the Old Testament is wrathful while the God of the New Testament is loving. But is that truly how God is depicted...

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