Should Christians pray, "Lead us not into temptation"?
On this episode, Nate answered questions like: What are some tactics to get an apatheist to start caring about the Gospel?
On this episode, Nate gives a sermon on how Jesus words in Luke 6:40 provide a clear picture of discipleship today.
On this episode, Nate answered questions like: Was Jesus' sacrifice on the cross really a sacrifice if He knew He was going to Heaven anyway?
There are many things that the Spirit alone can do in a person’s life.
Nate explains how to ask leading questions to make a point (in 3 steps), and the team provides several apologetics arguments for why the Bible is trustworthy.
I've always been in love with ancient history. In fact, it was through researching history that I came to realize that the Gospels were in fact, eyewitness accounts. So it was my pleasure to catch up...
You can raise objections against the Bible, but make sure you have done your homework first to understand the genre and context.
Helping skeptics interpret individual verses in the Bible.
God's wisdom can be portrayed as foolish but can God's love be portrayed as reckless?

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Ep. 134: How Has the Culture Influenced the Church?

Nate responds to an article on what Millennials really think about evangelism, and the team discusses an article on how the culture has influenced the Church.