Getting in the Driver’s Seat: The Columbo Tactic
Diplomacy or D-Day?
A Clear Lens is expanding!
"Avoidance is the wrong move in this kind of circumstance."
By The Lutheran Satire This one is worthy of a few chuckles (as well as a few face palms). Merry Christmas (belated) everyone! Be back with new posts very soon! And now, without further ado, here's "Horus Ruins Christmas".
"If it can be shown that the mind is immaterial then human beings have souls."
A quick walkthrough for the existence of God.
A big thank you from N.P.
"From only these evidences, the government decides to send a Seal team in."

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Classic Episode: The Minimal Facts of the Resurrection with Dr. Gary...

Nate provides historical context in order to explain why Jesus' communion at the Last Supper is so meaningful, and he interviews Dr. Gary Habermas about his minimal facts of the resurrection.