Dr. Dallas Willard discusses the hiddenness of our inner selves.
Practical Suicide
Infographic by N.P. Sala
Suicide: Views that Self-Destruct
"This is an excellent tactic; one that must be developed through reflection and practice."
Infographic created by Nate Sala
Philosopher and author J.P. Moreland discusses how neuroscience is irrelevant to the debate over the soul's existence.
Perfecting Columbo
This represents an authentic exchange between a challenger to the Christian worldview and Nate. To email a question and/or challenge send an email to: aclearlens@gmail.com.
Step Three: Using Columbo to Lead the Way

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LGBT Activist Changes Mind, Supports Christian Bakers’ Rights

This test of consistency is exactly how you can know that the LGBT's definition of discrimination is flawed.