On this episode, Nate talked about where to start in evangelism, what he would do if Jesus' bones were discovered, and more!
Nate discusses the mistakes that some non-believers make when thinking about religious belief as well as the dangers of confirmation bias.
There are many things that the Spirit alone can do in a person’s life.
Nate explains how "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" helps us to understand people's reactions to God and the team discusses the problem of evil and why it shows there is a God.
Nate explains how to raise children according to the biblical model, and the team discusses how to prepare Christian students for secular universities.
What is the best way for a Christian to engage in the abortion debate on social media? Consider these tips for a variety of different situations.
Nate explains what the Church is missing and how A Clear Lens can help, and the team discusses how to speak and teach like Jesus in the 21st century.
Amanda discusses the important "next steps" to take after realizing that you were wrong.
Nate explains what he thinks Paul meant when he said "I have become all things to all people", and the team answers a question from our Facebook forum.
Admitting when you're wrong is never easy, whether it is a simple case of a mistake about the facts or an entire perspective shift. However, it is a crucial part of honest communication for the believer and truth-seeker. Here's the first step in handling the process in a careful and mature way: recognizing when you're wrong.

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