3 reasons apologists should stop saying that atheism requires more faith than Christianity.
Drs. J.P. Moreland and William Lane Craig unpack the philosophical definition of knowledge.
Drs. Gary Habermas and J.P. Moreland on the proper interpretation of apparent evidence for reincarnation.
"We must train our youth to be soldiers of Christ as if they were preparing for war, because they are."
Following Jesus' example of pointing to miracles, presenting arguments and calling upon witnesses to make a case for Christianity.
Nate provides historical context in order to explain why Jesus' communion at the Last Supper is so meaningful, and he interviews Dr. Gary Habermas about his minimal facts of the resurrection.
New Testament - Revelation
All the chewy goodness of one of the best books on worldview assessment; now in new fun-sized bites! Part Three: “How Critical Thinking Saves Faith” Dr. Nancy Pearcey begins this final chapter by reminding us of a biblical truth: “The one...
Author Mark B. Woodhouse explains the pitfalls of the slippery slope argument.
"The biblical model for living and making decisions is rooted in wisdom..."

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Podcast #56: The Minimal Facts of the Resurrection with Dr. Gary...

Happy Easter! On today's episode Nate, Gene, and Logan, play a round of "Clickbait Bible" and chat about the worldview of the sci-fi movie...

Is God Unfair?