All the chewy goodness of proper hermeneutics in new fun-sized bites!
I suffer from myopia. This is a condition where my eyes can see objects that are close to me very clearly but objects that are further away are blurry. One of the things that I’ve realized is that I...
Getting in the Driver’s Seat: The Columbo Tactic
Compelling art invites us to experience the worldview of the artist.
The evidence available to us today supports the historicity of Genesis. Del Tackett, the host of this feature, quite simply says that “Many things are pointing in one direction” regarding the veracity of the Biblical account. This project effectively...
A look at God's usage of prototypes through history to reveal His redemptive plans.
Taking the Roof Off
Frances Schaeffer discusses why absolutes are necessary for our existence to have meaning.
"So the argument goes: we cannot conclusively prove that there is not a teapot orbiting the sun somewhere in outer space..."
"I know that I turned people off and strained friendships and other relationships when I first started out because I did not understand this important principle."

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