Examining one of Jesus' most radical claims: "What you do with me determines your eternal destiny."
"The greatest failures are almost never direct and massive failures with no antecedent causes."
"Prayers acknowledge our dependence on God, and he uses them to refine our trust in him--the type of trust that’s satisfied with letting him be the Author of the Story we all find ourselves in."
Have we ever asked ourselves whether we have good reason to trust in the resurrection?
"We need to know that Christ's resurrection is an actual historical event that took place lest we become just another voice in the cacophony of competing worldviews."
A while back, my good friend Tony Vance sent me an article and asked for my feedback. After reading only the title, “Why Are You Still A Christian, After Reading This? (Thorough)”, I answered: because Jesus. With a little...
“Unfortunately…apologetics has come to be defined in such a way that to most people it means little more than engaging in abstract philosophical arguments, divorced from the reality of life.” Michael Ramsden writes in his article for the C.S....
"Why does gluttony seem to be the accepted sin of the Church?"
"This is how we can know who we are today and who we will be tomorrow."

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God’s Foreknowledge Does Not Force

Watch Dr. William Lane Craig explain why God's foreknowledge does not mean we have no free will.