The Old Testament references to Jesus' Resurrection may be more ambiguous than you realize.
Three reasons why Christians are reasonable to believe in the afterlife.
"So the argument goes: we cannot conclusively prove that there is not a teapot orbiting the sun somewhere in outer space..."
"Ignorance and unbelief are understandable, but distorting one’s own history is a costly bias.” Vishal Mangalwadi warns in his publication, “The Book That Made Your World”. Yet a distortion of our own history is exactly what we’re seeing in many...
Edna showed me that relationships ought to be of first priority. When we heartfully and honestly treat people as…well…people, we discover the God who loved us enough to put us first.
Christian apologists should be wise when talking with unbelievers. Here are 8 conversational guidelines to follow from the book of Proverbs.
“When you say X is the fastest growing religion, all you mean is that X people have babies at the fastest rate. But babies have no religion.” --Richard Dawkins
In his book Cold Case Christianity, J. Warner Wallace writes, “As a skeptic, I believed that the Gospels were penned in the second century and were similarly worthless. If they were written that late, they were not eyewitness accounts.” ...
Drs. Gary Habermas and J.P. Moreland on the proper interpretation of apparent evidence for reincarnation.
“I’ve tried to believe in God. I want to believe, I really do, but I just can’t. He...just wasn’t there.” The silence of God is a problem for many. It is for me. I’d like to be confident that the...

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Why You Should Use Apologetics for Your Own Growth

Have you ever heard the expression "preach the gospel to yourself"? I'm not sure where it originated, but the idea is that the gospel is...