On this special episode, Nate interviews Dr. Gary Habermas on how to evaluate, explain, and defend miracles to skeptics.
On this episode, Nate answeres apologetics questions like: "How do I respond when someone says, 'You can’t prove a negative?'"
On this episode, the team discussed how the church fails to prepare its youth and how apologetics can keep kids from leaving the Christian faith in college.
On this episode, Nate Sala answered questions like: Is there justification in the Bible for taking someone off life support?
On this episode, the team discussed how to think through the ethics, effects, and legislation of marijuana from a Christian perspective.
On this episode, the team discussed how the Netflix show "Stranger Things 3" reflects theology and the Christian worldview.
Nate talks about how the story of Bono and Bush's friendship reflects the principals of effective evangelism and apologetics.
On this episode, Nate and the team interview Dr. Craig Hazen on the history and theology of Mormons, as well as how it contrasts with Christianity.
On this episode, Nate answered questions like: What are some tactics to get an apatheist to start caring about the Gospel?
On this episode, Nate talked about Dr. Norm Geisler's influence on apologetics, and he answered questions in "Ask Nate Anything" segment.

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