As you know, our goal at ACL is to provide a clear view on the topics of theology, apologetics, and worldview. Part of that goal has been to articulate a defense of the faith so that folks seeking truth may have something substantive to consider when giving countenance to the Christian faith. Another part of that goal has been to provide a set of tools that will undergird a robust worldview. In light of this latter aspect, we introduced our Funsized series focusing on several issues: how to engage others about your faith (with Tactics); how to interpret Scripture (with Bible Study); and how to navigate errors in reasoning (with Fallacies).

Today, I’m happy to announce that we are continuing in the Funsized vein by introducing a new series entitled: Bible Blueprint. The Bible Blueprint series will be presented in an outline format and will strive to maintain a focus on the forest instead of the trees, i.e. the overarching structure of Scripture, whether it pertains to particular theological concepts or entire books of the Bible. Please note: This series is not meant to usurp Scriptural studies but, rather, complement them in some manner.

We sincerely hope that grasping the structure of Scripture will help to keep its divine intention and perfect cohesiveness at the forefront of your mind.

The first entry in our series will focus on the Beatitudes. Stay tuned…