Amanda Fischer


I’m an undergraduate studying Applied Linguistics at the University of South Florida. When I’m not analyzing the language use around the world, I read voraciously, write pieces that tend to exceed the word limit, and engage in meaningful conversation with others. My favorite way to start a solid discussion is through asking a “thinky question” to provoke thought and provide fodder for constructive dialogue. I believe that the best way to bring others a step closer to Christ is through such discussions, coupled with a heaping dose of genuine love and humility. By God’s grace, I am growing in this area with every encounter.

My current ministry largely centers around intentional outreach on my diverse university campus. I have found Jesus’ claim to be true: the fields are truly ripe for the harvest! I endeavor to reach out to individuals from the myriad of nations God has brought directly to me, realizing that each day brings me to the mission field in my own city. Additionally, I enjoy encouraging and teaching fellow believers how to engage their classmates, colleagues, professors, friends, and neighbors. This is my main focus at A Clear Lens and beyond. In the near future, I plan to pursue a master’s degree in linguistics and translation, with the goal of becoming involved in Bible translation and community development overseas. My greatest passion and ultimate goal is to know Christ and make Him known, sharing the hope of the truth with everyone I meet.

"My passion is sharing hope and truth with the world through words."