Alex Aili


As a boy, my passion for adventure and knack for creativity made it hard to embrace adolescence. But I had no choice; I felt obligated to bury my childhood wonder. However, being raised in a Christian home, those seeds found fertile soil, and it was only a matter of time before they sprouted.

It happened in High School when I focused on a vocation in Science and Engineering. The pull towards childhood wonder was hard to ignore, and after a few years of mulling it over, I decided to enter ministry. I enrolled at Oak Hills Christian College in Bemidji, MN. As I was busy intellectualizing faith, wonder, and storytelling began to haunt me.

Today, in conjunction with my knowledge of Scripture, I am dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel through the medium of story. Now with three sons, I understand the importance of imagination in the life of Christian faith. That is why, at A Clear Lens, I desire to equip Christian storytellers to proclaim the Truth of the Gospel through their craft.

"My passion is to proclaim the truth of Christ through the power of story.”