Dr. Greg Ganssle provides an excellent primer on the philosophical problem of evil.
“Little doubt surrounds the claim that the kingdom of God was central to the message of the historical Jesus. The expression and its equivalents (‘kingdom,’ ‘kingdom of heaven’) occur more than 100 times in the Synoptics alone. The present...
Carey Bryant briefly sketches out the differing views of Jesus in Christianity and Islam.
We've done it again!
Dr. J.P. Moreland explains the Correspondence Theory of Truth.
Physicist and Professor, Dr. Alexander Vilenkin, discusses his theorem proving the universe had a beginning in the finite past.
A common fallacy in semantics.
A college paper refuting H.J. McCloskey's atheism.
"Christianity is false because humans are bad and no truly good Christian exists."
A short, collegiate essay on what the Scripture teaches about the ultimate fate of non-believers.

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