Written by Stephen J Bedard and originally published at Hope’s Reason

There are still some Christians who acknowledge Santa Claus as a part of their Christmas celebrations. This is unacceptable. As you probably know, Santa Claus is based on the historical figure of St. Nicholas (4th century). Once you know a little about St. Nicholas’ life, you will see why Christians should reject him.

  1. St. Nicholas was a Christian. Not only was he a Christian, he was the bishop of Myra in Asia Minor, modern day Turkey.
  2. St. Nicholas not only believed in Christ, he also suffered for his faith. St. Nicholas experienced both exile and imprisonment.
  3. St. Nicholas was known for his very strong prayer life.
  4. St. Nicholas was known for his concern for the poor and for acting on that concern.
  5. St. Nicholas cared about correct theology. St. Nicholas was one of the bishops who signed the Nicene Creed and tradition suggests that he may have slapped Arius, the founder of the heresy that was addressed at Nicaea.

So unless you want your Christian family to be corrupted by such dangerous values, make sure to stay as far away from Santa Clause as possible.


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